Friday, September 2, 2011

2 birthdays, a race, and the first day of Kindergarten!

So August is a busy month for us. We have Crew and Kennedi's birthdays as well as our aniversary within 10 days of eachother. This year we also had a race down in denver and Crew started Kindergarten! Busy but really fun.
I just can't get enough pictures of this girl. She is so dang cute!

Crew had his first "friend" birthday. We usually just have a family birthday at home but I figured it was about time for him to have a big chabang! We had it at a local playground that also had a splash park. Lots of fun and lots of friends and food!

Spiderman cake, way cool.

He got so many fun gifts. It was a bit like Christmas. Thanks everyone for coming!

Now Kennedi's turn.

The wings didn't come off for the rest of the day. Her party was just with the family and a bit more girly than Crew's.

Brady ran a triathlon down in Denver. He did awesome and it was a lot of fun to cheer him along. This is before the race. Right before we realized he forgot his race packet and I had to hurry back to the hotel room making it back just in time. Always fun to forget really important stuff with 3 kids in tow.

Crew is now in school. I only moped around for one day.
Now I rather enjoy the time with the little girls.

All the Kindergartners wait outside and walk into the class together. Then they all come out and wait at the end of the day too. It makes it easy for us so we don't have to go inside at all, but I also wish I could see him in his class a bit more.

That is his teacher in the solid black.
And there he is waiting in line to go to school for the first time.

We discovered new tricks around the house.
We also discovered that Kennedi is really flexible.

Oh and who can forget this cutie? She is 7 months and probably around 17lbs. She is the happiest one around the house. I just can't get enough of her or that smile. We feel so blessed and a little spoiled by this darling little girl.

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