Friday, February 24, 2012

Wowee!! It's been a while

So it has been a crazy ride these past months, hence the lack of posting. By way of brief update, we are here in Rexburg settled into a great new job and a wonderful new house and really doing good. I will admit that I didn't fully appreciate all of the wonderful people we left in CO. There are many amazing families that will always remain dear to us. I still don't have any good shots of the house but you can see pieces of it through the other photos. Here is a little bit of some family fun.


It was fun to have Nana and Papa to come for our family party.

Cake smile!

Hey Mom I'm One!

We have an awesome fire pit in our backyard (truly one of my favorite features) and we had a weenie roast. Cold but fun and yummy!

Reading in the kitchen on saturday morning. We finally, after almost our whole marriage, we get to enjoy Brady home every saturday. We love it.

Hooray for space!

Going to close on the house! Very exciting and a little nerve wracking.

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Kirsta 'n co. said...

HAS been a while! I just checked in yesterday thinking "they haven't posted in forever, maybe I just missed something..." Glad the move went well! Colorado's loss is Idaho's gain :) Cute idea with the kids in the boxes!

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